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Fast Made a Half- Wave Antenna for 80 Meters

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Atentop 02 2003 # 003

Fast Made a Half- Wave Antenna for 80 Meters

L2 is placed at the bottom of L1. L2 contains 4 turns of copper wire in diameter of 1.5 millimeters (# 14 AWG), length of winding is 10 millimeters. Ends of L2 are directly soldered to RF- socket. Neon Bulb is attached by a piece of Scotch to the bottle. Antenna is tuned by max glow of the Neon Bulb.


The antenna worked very effectively when the upper end of the antenna was placed at height of five or more meters above the ground. I did not use an end antenna insulator. A long synthetic rope was attached to the upper end of the antenna.

The counterpoise of the antenna was located on the ground surface. Between the "bottle" ATU and a transceiver could be placed coaxial cable with any reasonable length.


Figure 3 shows the antenna at field operation. Of course, it is possible to use the antenna for stationary work from a ham shack.


The antenna works very well and I recommend try it!




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