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Historical Magnetic Loop Antennas

Magnetic Loop from the 1928

Old Receiving Magnetic Loop Antennas


HF- Magnetic Loop Antennas

Hula- Hoop Magnetic Loop

Loop Antennas for ALE and Frequency Hoping.

Once again about Magnetic Loop

Simple Magnetic Loop Antenna for a Journey

Receiving- Transmitting Magnetic Loop Antennas

Ferrite Magnetic Antenna for the 160 and 80- meter Bands

Receiving- Magnetic Loop Antennas


Ferrite Magnetic Antenna for the 160, 80 and 40- meter Bands

Ferrite Magnetic Antennas by RN3DEK.
Design, Experimenters and HF Antennas

Ferrite Magnetic Antennas by RN3DEK.
LW, MW and 160- m Antennas

Loop Antenna for DEGEN- 1103

Receiving Field HF Loop Antenna

Two Receiving Magnetic Loop Antennas from Old Magazines

Twin Magnetic Loop Antenna


VHF/UHF Magnetic Loop Antennas

Experiments with the VHF Magnetic Loop

TV Ferrite Magnetic Loop Antenna







Lightning Links to Open Book
Antenna Theory Helical Antennas Useful Pieces Simple Keys
Antenna Practice TV Antennas Propagation QRO HF Tube Amplifiers
136 kHz- Antennas Coaxial cables LDE QRO HF Transistor Amplifiers
HF- Antennas Two wire lines Interferences QRP
HF- RX Antennas Feeder's Toolkit Filters TVI/RFI QRP PA
50- MHz Antennas HF ATU Homebrew Receivers Radio and Ham History
VHF- Antennas ATU for the 6- meters Homebrew Transmitters Old Russian/USSR Radio Equipment
UHF -Antennas Antenna Parts Matching Circuit for P.A Amateurs Awards
EH- Antennas Antenna Towers QRP Transceivers Free Radio and Electronics e- Books
TV Channels and Frequencies Reception of Weather Stations Useful Data FM Radio Channels and Frequencies
MagLoop Antennas Home-Brew Technics in Antenna Tools PSU for Amateur Radio from Computer Free Programme and Utility





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