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Historical Magnetic Loop Antennas

Magnetic Loop from the 1928

Old Receiving Magnetic Loop Antennas


HF- Magnetic Loop Antennas

Hula- Hoop Magnetic Loop

Loop Antennas for ALE and Frequency Hoping.

Once again about Magnetic Loop

Simple Magnetic Loop Antenna for a Journey

Receiving- Transmitting Magnetic Loop Antennas

Ferrite Magnetic Antenna for the 160 and 80- meter Bands

Receiving- Magnetic Loop Antennas

Electrostatically- Shielded Loop Antenna (Patent, W. Skidmore)

Ferrite Magnetic Antenna for the 160, 80 and 40- meter Bands

Ferrite Magnetic Antennas by RN3DEK.
Design, Experimenters and HF Antennas

Ferrite Magnetic Antennas by RN3DEK.
LW, MW and 160- m Antennas

Loop Antenna for DEGEN- 1103

Receiving Field HF Loop Antenna

RW3DKB Receiving Loop Antenna

Two Receiving Magnetic Loop Antennas from Old Magazines

Twin Magnetic Loop Antenna


VHF/UHF Magnetic Loop Antennas

Experiments with the VHF Magnetic Loop

TV Ferrite Magnetic Loop Antenna







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