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Old Russian/USSR Radio Equipment



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HAM Equipment

Russian Transceiver EFIR

UW3DI- the Timeless Transceiver

Pre wwII Equipment

Soviet Legendary HF Receiver KUB- 4

wwII Equipment

RBM Radio

Soviet Spy Radio "Sever"



Russian Far and Near Space Antennas: Part I

Russian Far and Near Space Antennas: Part II

Sputnik Transmitter



First Steps (Part- I) Beginning of Russian radio industry

First Steps (Part- II) Beginning of Russian radio industry

Logos of ex- USSR Electronics Factories


Civil Equipment

Broadcasting Receivers of the USSR Wire Radio Centers


Military Equipment

Russian Receiver R- 311

Russian Receiver R- 326











Lightning Links to Open Book
Antenna Theory Helical Antennas Useful Pieces Simple Keys
Antenna Practice TV Antennas Propagation QRO HF Tube Amplifiers
136 kHz- Antennas Coaxial cables LDE QRO HF Transistor Amplifiers
HF- Antennas Two wire lines Interferences QRP
HF- RX Antennas Feeder's Toolkit Filters TVI/RFI QRP PA
50- MHz Antennas HF ATU Homebrew Receivers Radio and Ham History
VHF- Antennas ATU for the 6- meters Homebrew Transmitters Old Russian/USSR Radio Equipment
UHF -Antennas Antenna Parts Matching Circuit for P.A Amateurs Awards
EH- Antennas Antenna Towers QRP Transceivers Free Radio and Electronics e- Books
TV Channels and Frequencies Reception of Weather Stations Useful Data FM Radio Channels and Frequencies
MagLoop Antennas Home-Brew Technics in Antenna Tools PSU for Amateur Radio from Computer Free Programme and Utility





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