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Helical Antennas


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Directional Helical Antennas

Directional Helical Antennas

HF- Helical Antennas

Experimental Helical Antenna for the 40- meter Band (UN7FGO)

Helical Antenna for 20 meters Band (RU4SJ)

Helical Antenna for the 20- meter Band (va3znw)

Helical Loop Antenna for the 20-meters Band

Helical Whip for RV and Mobile Use, The (W0BHG)

HF Helical Antennas: Theory and Practice (va3znw)

Indoor Helical Antenna for the 20 and 17 meters for K1 (VA3ZNW)

Outdoor Window Mounted HF Helical Antennas

RX3MS Helical Antennas

Simple Balcony HF Antenna (RN6LW)

Slinky Antenna, A (G0DUB)

Slinky Dipole Antenna (UN7FGO)

Small Sized Helical Antennas

Two Helical Antennas for 160 meter Band (VE3YXO)

UR0GT Helical Antenna for the 40- meter Band








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