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Design of Antenna UA1DZ

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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

Design of Antenna UA1DZ





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Date/time:29-Jun 12:37
Message *:536305

by Leonid Hmyz, UA4PNT



Antenna UA1DZ was published at ANTENTOP 01-2003. I was received some questions about design of the antenna. Now, the article contains design of the antenna, suggested by UA4PNT, Leonid Hmyz, and this one gives answer to all questions that I have received from readers.


73! I.G.







Figure 1 shows the design of antenna UA1DZ


Figure 2 shows the connection of the two wire ladder line to the vibrator of the antenna UA1DZ





1. Base Insulator 


2. Counterpoises, (10-14) pieces, made of Aluminum Wire,

(4- 6)-mm in diameter, or # (2-6)AWG,9.4 meters in length


3. Vibrator of the Antenna, made of Aluminum Tube, (60-130)-mm in diameter, 9.3 meters in length

4. Base Mast, any hard stuff, wood, plastic, metal tube (2... 3) meters in length


5. Two Wire Ladder Line


1. Screw-bolt, M4


2. Upper Wire (see Figure 1, item 5) of the Two Wire Ladder Line


3. Vibrator of the Antenna UA1DZ


4. Screw-bolt, M4


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