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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

VHF- UHF-Antenna



Alex, RA3GBQ,,


To do the antenna one can very easy as well as the costs are nothing. You need a box of a sweets- surprise Chupa- Chups, a piece of an old coax, some wire, epoxies, and a little of job.


So, go to do it!


►Take glass-reinforced plastic rod 5 and upper part of a sweets- surprise Chupa- Chups 10.

Insert the rod and wire 4 for matching coil into item 10.


►Take a metal tube, cut a ring 7 and insert into item 10.


►Take a plastic cap 8 from a plastic can, fix a RF- socket 9 on it, solder the wire of the coil 4 to the socket , solder by 3-5 wire the ring 7 to the socket.

Sweets- surprise Chupa- Chups


►Turn up item 10, fill up it by epoxies 6, and close it by the cap 8.


►When the epoxies are hardened, drill holes for counterpoises 11 at low side of the item 10 and through out item 7.


►Cut a thread into item 5 and onto counterpoises 11.


►Remove braid 3 from a coaxial cable, put on the braid 3 onto item 5 that before is covered a glue. The length of the braid 3 is equal to 5/8λ for 144 0r 430 MHz.

 ►Coil the spool 4 (any number of turns) with step between turns of 1-mm, solder the spool to the braid 3.

 ►Insert 6 λ/4 counterpoises.

 ►Meter SWR. Chose a tap from the coil 3 to minimum SWR.

►Put on a can of a pen onto the upper end of the rod 5.

 ►Put on a shrink plastic tube 1 onto the rod 5

►Heat the shrink plastic tube.

 Get you own antenna!


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