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ANTENTOP- 01- 2004, # 005

QRP Tales


By Alexei Rusakov, UA4ARL/qrp (RU-QRP # 005)


Continued from ANTENTOP- 02-2003


1'st March, 2003

The ARRL phone contest was today but propagation was bad into Volgograd. Even the CW portions were quiet. I checked all the CW portions of the bands this morning and figured that everyone was on SSB. In the evening I went back to check the condition of the bands but 21.060, 24.900 and 28.060 were already gone. While in 15 meters I slid down the band and heard some Europeans. LP's were 549 - 559 while HP's were no louder than 589 here in Volgograd. Around 21.006 there was someone that had a 559 signal with 3 or 4 stations calling him. However, he didn't give his call sign while I was listening.

I changed antennas from a North delta to an Africa oriented 2 element and the signal went to 579. That is a good sign, I thought. Suddenly DX starting sending CQ CQ C98RF UP. I tuned the signal in with anticipation. I went up 1.5 kHz and called, but without the /QRP. I must have been the only one that answered him because he came back to me on the first try! I then told him that I was running QRP.
After our QSO was over sounded the orchestra of calling stations on the same frequency. I sat and enjoyed listening to the pile-up of DXers. Easy propagation for about an hour and a half then the signals went down to 459.

72! UA4ARL/qrp Alexei Rusakov

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October 5, 2003. Robin, M5AEF, had an unique CW QSO with RX3BO from Moscow at 17 meters using only 1 watt output. You say 'it is nothing especial for 17 meters', but what do you say, if you know that Robin did not use any antenna?

Yes, Robin was doing a calibration for his FT- 757, and this one was connected to a dummy load. An antenna did not connected to the transceiver at this time, the antenna was connected to monitoring receiver, that does control for quality of the output signal from FT- 757. So, Robin heard Anatoly, RX3BO, from Moscow and they had QSO with each other. Robin had received 559 from Anatoly for his dummy- load antenna!

Some minutes later Robin connected his usual 1,5 lambda antenna to the FT - 757 and did QSO with RX3BO. Robin had received 579!

Don't say me that there are no miracles!

With the best regards!
Oleg ("Master-72") V.Borodin
72! de RV3GM (UE3QRP)

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Dear Friends,


you can read about a QRP- QSO without an antenna also at ANTENTOP 01-2003.


72/73! I.G,

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