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The First Steps (Part- I)




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The First Steps (Part- I)



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The First Steps (Part- I): by Vitaly Brousnikin

Vitaliy says us a story about beginning and the First Steps of Russian radio industry


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Contents for AntenTop 02- 2004

The radio was based on a crystal detector with "an active point". The edge of a steel wire was touching a polycrystal of natural semiconductor. With a small knob the position of the steel pin could be changed. ...

The first Rrussian vacuum tube was created in 1915 by M.A.Bonch-Brouyevich, a talented engeneer, when he was Chief of the military telegraphic receiver in Tver. This tube later nicknamed as the "Babushka" (Grandma) honestly worked in the receiver of telegraphic signals, successfully compete with imported French valves








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