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ANTENTOP- 02- 2004, # 006

Forgotten Antenna



Some of former USSR’'s radio amateurs still remember the "TV spherical antenna". Earlier, at 60- 70s the antenna was rather widely used for reception of TV. What is the "TV spherical antenna"? I dare quote a fragment from A. Pochepa's book "TV: questions and answers",  Odessa, "Mayak" 1966, pp.: 64-65.


By Igor Grigorov, RK3ZK








"The Spherical antenna is a copper, aluminum or steel wire of diameter 1,5-2 mm, coiled in three rings. Length of antenna wire is equal to average length of a wave of the used TV channel but if it possible to use the wire in twice smaller length.


If an insulated wire is used, separate rings tie with each other by a cotton cord. If a bare wire is used separate rings tie with each other by a Scotch, the Scotch does insulation the rings at points A, B, C, D, E, F."


End of quota


The Spherical antenna made by me and by my friends to meter and decimeters TV channels. Any coax cable connected to points A-F can be used as a feeder of the antenna. At my experience, the antenna has a spherical pattern and the gain compared with a lambda/2 dipole.



Made in the USSR






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