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ANTENTOP- 02- 2004, # 006

Antennas for Radio Amateurs


Antennas for Radio Amateurs


If you can read in Russian you can download a free e- book "Antennas for Radio Amateurs" by Igor Grigorov, RK3ZK. The book is e- variant of a paper book with the same title. Paper book contains 256 pages and was issued in 1998 in Russia. One fragment of the book was translated in the English and was published at ANTENTOP- 1, 2003. Other fragments of the book also going to translated in the English. Below you can see the Contents of the book and path to load the Russian variant.


Antennas for Radio Amateurs

By Igor Grigorov, RK3ZK.


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Part- 1


Chapter- 1: Vertical Antennas

1. Definitions and concepts.

2. Ground of a vertical antenna

3. Protection of the vertical antenna against atmospheric influences

4. Length of the vertical antenna.

5. Direction diagrams of vertical antennas installed above the ground

6. Matching of the vertical antenna

7. Kinds of vertical antennas

8. Vertical antennas placed to a corner to the ground

9. Influence of neighbouring subjects to a work of the vertical antenna

10. Influence of atmospheric electricity to the vertical antenna

11. Matching of vertical antennas of VHF mobile stations

12. Ground of the short vertical antennas

13. Whether is it necessary to dig counterpoises

14. Base of design of the multielement directed verticals

15. Base of design of the multielement directed verticals with passive elements

16. Phased vertical antenna systems

17. Asymmetrical verticals for the 160-meter range.

18. A broadband phased vertical antenna system with the adjustable directional diagram


Chapter 2: The Magnetic Loop Antenna


1. Using of magnetic loop antennas

2. Directional diagram of magnetic loop antennas

3. Ferrite antennas

4. Low- noise antennas 3. Ferrite antennas

4. Low- noise antennas

5. Effective height of the loop antenna.

6. Input resistance of the loop antenna

7. Ground for loop antennas

8. Matching a coaxial cable with transmitting magnetic loop antennas

9. Dimensions and design of magnetic loop antennas

12. Influence of atmospheric electricity and rain to the magnetic loop antennas

13. Magnetic loop antennas with aerials with cardioid pattern

14. Once more about about magnetic loop antennas


Chapter- 2 Loop Antennas


1. What is a loop antenna.

2. Input resistance, efficiency, gain and pattern of the classical loop antenna

3. Dimensions of the classical loop antenna

4. Loop with perimeter more than one wavelength

5. Feeding of the loop antenna

6. Horizontal loop antenna

7. Vertical loop antenna

8. Loop placed to a corner to the ground

9. Folded loop antennas

10. Short stub loop

11. Three-band loop antenna

12. Loop antenna shortening by a capacitor or inductor

13. Shunt loop antenna.

14. Helix loop antenna

15. Multiturn loop antennas

16. Broadband loaded loop antennas

17. Doubled loop antenna

18. Broadband and short zigzag loop antennas

19. Opened loop antennas

20. Multielement loop antennas with active elements

21. Multielement loop antennas with passive elements

22. Dimensions and design of multielement loop antennas

23. Multielement loop antennas with opened loops

24. Two-element antenna G4ZU

25. Placement of loop antenna near other subjects

26. Influence of atmospheric to the loop antenna


Chapter- 4 Rhombic Antenna

1. From antenna Beverage to rhombic antenna

2. Not optimal rhombic antenna

3.Optimal rhombic antenna

4. Efficiency and power

5. Pattern of the rhombic antenna

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