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Russian Transceiver EFIR

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ANTENTOP- 02- 2004, # 006

Russian Transceiver EFIR




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Transceiver Efir was produced since the end of 70s of the 20 Century. Functional chart of the transceiver was the same as UW3D1- 2 transceiver had. However, Efir was made all of semiconductors, it did not contained any tubes. Transceiver Efir was produced

Igor Grigorov, RK3ZK


for Soviet collective amateur radio stations, but sometimes, hams can buy Efir for private amateur radio stations. As a rule, the Efir need tuning because it was usually sold very crude by a plant.

In middle of 80s, the transceiver Efir- M has replaced the transceiver Efir. The transceiver Efir- M had a digital frequency scale, the transceiver contained modern semiconductors element base compare to the Efir.


Alas, the Efir- M also as the Efir was sold in very crude

state. Its digital frequency scale gave big interferencesat some ranges. Main transformer could not bear all output power there were also other serious lacks.

 However the transceiver Efir has allowed to many Soviet collective amateur radio stations to work in the Air. Probably, approximately 5 percents of amateur radio stations in the USSR in the beginning of 90s used the Ether. Till now lots of hams use the transceiver. I did not have an Efir in the personal using, but I worked on it at a collective radio stations, and my opinion about the transceiver is enough warm.



- I used to the transceiver about 10 years for my work in the Air. Certainly, it is not FT-1000D, but my Efir worked very well. I installed an audio filter 300- 3500-Herz of an old Soviet VHF- radio at audio input, noise down at the transceiver. I think, it is quite good rig that could successfully work in the Air. Recently lots of old Efir are keeping at box- room because new ones equipment goes to ham shack. RK1NA


- Well and I shall speak about lacks.

1.Efir has a backlash at the vernier.


2. Separate jacks for receiving input and transmitting output. It reduces to zero convenience both from VOX and from QSK.


3. Dynamic range is too poor, and sensitivity is not for reception of QRP-stations (by the way, I have not heard any QRP-station by my Efir

The used by me Efir was borrowed to me by a friend of mine, so, can not do any improving in this rig. I worked on SSB with Europe by a simple LW using the Efir, but I could not do any QSOs on CW. I think, it is not good rig, especially for QRP. RV3GM


- I several times had deals with the Efir, one of the Efir worked at a club station where I was attended. I can only speak, Efir is a very good rig, but if it is tuned. Every Efir need to tune before operation because producers did not properly did tuning of the.

One my friend from Belgorod, did the tuning for lots of Efirs, and after that the tuned Efir worked fine, certainly, not as FT-1000D, but may be close (Hi). Yes, RV3GM is right, the vernier has a little backlash, but it is treated very easy. I awfully agree with RK1NA, Efir (tuned Efir) is a very good rig, RK3ZK

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