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A Regenerative Receiver with 6SN7GT

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2005, # 007

A Regenerative Receiver with 6SN7GT




by Jan, SM5GNN


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This is my October regenny as it looks right now. It works but more adjustements must be done before I'm happy with it. It's based on the 1950 ARRL handbook design. The original had plate voltage regeneration control but I found out quickly that the throttle condenser approach is the correct way to go. I did not have an interstage transformer so I took a small power supply choke instead.


I also added a volume control, at 40 plate volts, the output transformer into 16 ohms headphones, my ears nearly blew off.

First I heard nothing, then I got Deutsche Welle in on the 41 meter band. After that I found that I had the dummy load connected...

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