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Radio Jamming in the Soviet Union, Poland and others East European Countries: by: By: Rimantas Pleikys

A specially emitted radio interference is classified into radio communication jamming and radio broadcasting jamming. The first occasions of jamming of military radio telegraph were recorded back in the beginning of the 20th century. Germany and Russia were the first to engage in jamming back then. The jamming signal most frequently consisted of co-channel characters. It was until the early thirties, when the first cases of jamming of radio broadcasting were recorded. In the late 20's Berlin started to jam the programs of Radio Komintern. In 1931 the USSR jammed the Romanian radio, in 1934 Austria jammed the German radio. The Lithuanian language broadcasts of the Vatican radio were jammed by the USSR in 1940.

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Radio monitoring operator at her workplace in "control and correction post" of Kaunas city local radio jamming station in Lithuania.




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