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Old CDs in Ten Band Antenna

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2006, # 008

Old CDs in Ten Band Antenna



By: N. Filenko, UA9XBI


Credit Line:


When I has took the CDs in hands I at once has known what I do with it. Of course, it would be dipole Nadenenko! (See References 1) and the CDs would be form its shape!


Mine GP for the ten meters does not work good at the edges of the ten, SWR there was too high. Well, the antenna rod that was used in my GP has a small diameter. With the CDs I could be made a GP near 100 mm in diameter. For me it took several hours to do the antenna having 50 Ohm input impedance and pass band more the 3 MHz.


For manufacturing the antenna you need 4 plastic ski sticks, 16 bad CDs, 16 pieces of a copper wire in 2.35 meter length, a piece of a strong plastic in 20 cm length and 4 cm in diameter.



Radio club "Arktika" Championship 2004

Photo Credit Line:


Figure 1 CD Antenna


Ski sticks (each to pairs) are jointed with the help of pieces of aluminum tube. Length of each shoulder of the dipole is 2.30 cm. Ski sticks are inserted into the axial hole in the piece of plastic. Figure 1 shows the design. DX and 73!



1. Dipole Nadenenko PDF file, 250 KB (ANTENTOP-02-2004)

Page 38





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