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Field Antenna for FT- 817

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2006, # 008

Field Antenna for FT- 817



By: Vladislav Merkulov, UU9JEW

Sevastopol, Ukraine


I am going to try my FT- 817 from field conditions so I need a field antenna for my FT- 817. I have found proper antenna ATX-1080 at the internet, but... The first, it costs more the 100 evro (it is too much for me), and second, it is hard to order tis one from Ukraine. So I decided to do the same antenna by myself. Alas, my home brew antenna does not work at the 80 meters. However, 10- 40 bands were enough for me.


Plastic tube has length 380 mm and diameter 12 mm. 250 turns of a copper wire (0.8 mm in diameter or 20 AWG) were coiled above the form turn to turn

UU9JEW at the field operation

Number of contact clips/

Quantity of turns between

The clips

Length between clips,


1-2c. c.- 135t.

1-2- 140

2-3 c.c.- 43t.

2-3- 50

3-4 c.c.- 27t

3-4- 30

4-5 c.c.-  15t.

4-5- 20

5-6 c.c. - 14t.

5-6- 20

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39 40



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