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Experimenters with the VHF Magloop

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2006, # 008

Experimenters with the VHF Magloop


For further experimenters were simulated (with help of MMANA) a chart of Resonant Frequency (and Amplification) Vs. capacitor capacity (suggested the capacitor has Q= 1000) for squre magloop (5x5 cm made of wire in diameter of 2 mm or 12 AWG).The magloop is shown on Figure 2. Figure 3 shows the chart. Certainly the chart is only estimate because MMANA can not take all parameters for simulation. Anyway the chart gives some ideas what is possible to get from the magloop.


The chart shows that such magloop may work from 70 up to 190 MHz (it depends on the capacitor). Experimenters made with the magloop prove the suggestion. The magloop works not bad at receiving of FM broadcasting. A coupling loop was used for the magloop.



Figure 2 Wire VHF Magloop


Figure 3 Chart Resonant Frequency (and Amplification) Vs. capacitor capacity




1. Igor Grigorov. Antennas. Tuning and Adjusting. Moscow, RadioSoft, 2002 (in Russian)



2. Free Program MMANA (about MMANA see, for example, Antentop 01, 2005)


73! I. G.

Igor Grigorov: Practical Antenna Design. Moscow, DMK, 2000 (in Russian)

Page 54




53 54



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