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History of RU- QRP- C

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2006, # 008

History of RU- QRP- C



By: Oleg Borodin, RV3GM



The idea of creation of a QRP-club has arisen in 1986, and it belongs to Andrey Fomenko, UA3EAC. The first list of the members of the U-QRP- C was consisted of two tens calls, most of them were close friends of UA3EAC. At the times Andrey, UA3EAC, has offered to use the code "72". Primary the code had meaning "For friendship on the amateurs bands". However the circumstances have developed so, that above the members list the U- QRP- C did nothing. But... it is not blame of Andrey. In 1986 USSRs' ham may lose ham licence and go to jail due membership in a foreign amateur club or due creation of illegal organization (yes, at the times U- QRP- C was illegal organization!).

Note I.G.: It is obvious that Andrey strike with something like that... At the times in life of the USSR the influence of Andropov (who was chief KGB from 1967- till 1982, and who ruled of the USSR in 1982- 1984) was great.



Oleg Borodin, RV3GM in 2006


State Emblem of the USSR




At the end of 1987 one of the members of the U-QRP- C, Oleg Borodin, RV3GM (at the times he was UA3GVR), decided leap forward the U-QRP- C. He has wrote hundreds snail letters (remembered, it is no internet at the times!) to Andrey and another members of the U- QRP- C. Perestroyka (remember the times- perestroika, Gorbachev) has allowed to Oleg


Andropov , chief KGB (1967- 1982)

Head of the USSR (1982- 1984)


Emblem of KGB


to create at 1987 really the First working QRP club in the USSR. Oleg was elected the First President of the U- QRP- C.

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