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CW Key That Never Have Been Smallest

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2008, # 010

CW Key That Never Have Been Smallest



Igor Lavroushov, UA6HJQ,

25 November, 2006, Kislovodsk, Russia


This micro key newer will be heavy for any mountain radio-expedition. It is possible to use the key as back-up or ever as main key of the amateur radio. This key may be used at tuning antennas with hand- control tuner (for example like MFJ- 902). For example the key may be used for tuning ATAS- 25 with YAESU FT8x7 (FT817, FT 857, FT897). Okey, go ahead to make it!



Credit Line:



Step 1


Wee need only three parts for the key- it is a stereo connector (this one is used for connecting CW- Key at YAESU), little knob and small piece of a tube shrink. If you have not these items in your junk- box run to local electronic store, it can provide these parts for sure. Now, tin the leads of the knob and connector, knob must sit hard on the connector, cut off unnecessary leads.




Step 2



Heat up Soldering Iron and solder one pin of the knob to the ground of the connector, another pin of the knob to the center pin. Lead for the middle part of the connector cut off (At the picture the lead is bended before cut off.)



Step 3



Careful insert this design to the transceiver and make sure that our key is workable. Then insert shrink tube to the key, heat up the shrink... That is all! CW Key that newer have been smallest lay in your hands.


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