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Compact Cage Antenna for 435 MHz

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2009, # 011

Compact Cage Antenna for 435 MHz



Vladislav Shcherbakov, RU3ARJ,

Credit Line:



In article "Compact Cage Antenna" was discussed CCA for HF- ranges. However, that kind antenna may be used for UHF-ranges. At the article it discussed a CCA for 435 MHz.

I have made experimental CCA for 435-MHz (Figure 1). MMANA file for the antennas (cca-435.maa) may be downloaded by the link below. Antenna was made of a bimetallic wire 2-millimeter diameter (9-AWG).

Balun- 4 ferrite cores (permeability 100, OD- 12 mm,


Figure 1 CCA for 430-MHz



Figure 2 Design of the CCA for 430-MHz



ID- 6 mm, H-5 mm). The RG-58 coax is fed through the cores near the feeding point. The SWR is 1.2:1 on the whole 70-cm band. Figure 2 shows the design of the antenna (taken from the MMANA file).


The antenna has much more gain in comparison with portable whips. The antenna may be easily placed anywhere and it won't catch somebody's eye because it does not look like usual antennas.

CCA can be wrapped in plastic film in order to look like a Chinese lamp or advertising decoration.


73! de RU3ARJ

Files MMANA:

Page 60





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