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Practical Photos for P.A. on Tube GU-43B

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2010, # 012

Practical Photos for P.A. on Tube GU-43B




Nikolay Kisel, UA3AIC, Moscow


Photo # 1. The photo shows circuits for first (right) and second (left) grids. It is possible to see (under tube socket red resistor- 56- Ohms, anti- self-excitation. Value may be increased to 100- Ohm at some cases. Choke for heater circuit is wound on a ferrite ring (permeability does not matter). Wire for each heater terminal is placed on the one half of the ring.

Photo #2. Circuit of the second grid is shown on the photo. At "hot" end: Red capacitors- 0.01-microF- 4 pcs, Blue capacitor- 6800- pF- 1-pcs, Red resistors 56- kOhm -2-Wtts (to eliminate dynatron effect at the second grid). Thereof it is Choke (yellow one) and resistor 100- Ohm- 5-Wtts for limiting current of the second grid. Between the choke and resistor there are capacitors 1.0- microF, and some mica capacitors for shortening RF.



Photo # 1

Photo #2

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