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Linear Power Amplifier on G811

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2010, # 012

Linear Power Amplifier on G811


Capacitor C12 should have plate gap not less the 1.2- mm.

Capacitor C13 should have plate gap not less the 0.3- mm.

Variometer L5 is from old military TX.

For right tuning C12 should have 250- pF at 80- meters, 120- pF at 40- meters, 50- pF at 20- meters, close to minimum at 15- meters and minimum at 10- meters.

Montage of the PA is usual for such equipment. Grid wires should be screened from Plate wires. Wires with RF should be short and straight.

As rule, PA made correctly from good parts works straight away. At self-excitation it needs to decrease value for R1- R4 in1.5- 2 times. It needs input power near 25- Wtts for plate current 400- mA.

PA is assembled in metal box h- 200-mm x w-400- mm x d- 300- mm. A small fan is installed inside for cooling of the tubes.


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