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Multi- Range Vertical Antenna UA1DZ: by Igor Grigorov, RK3ZK

Antenna UA1DZ is a very interesting multi- range vertical antenna designed by known Russian radio amateur UA1DZ. The antenna was very popular in use in the former USSR. Russian radio amateurs widely use the antenna at present days also. The antenna works with a low SWR on 40-m, 20-m and 15m. Firstly UA1DZ told about his antenna in the ether, and after that, lots Russian radio amateurs have did the antenna and Antenna UA1DZ became very popularity.

Hula- Hoop Magnetic Loop: by Yuri Kazakevich, EW6BN

After long QRT (birth of my daughter, changing my QTH) I was going again RV!!! So, I needed an antenna! But where can I install it? It was not possible to install any antenna on the roof of my house. I had only place for installation of an antenna, the place was my balcony of my house. Well, it was very place. What an antenna can install at the place? I though, it was only a Magnetic Loop Antenna.

Two articles are in one PDF file, 290 KB (ANTENTOP-01-2003, pp.: 29- 31)



Hula- Hoop Magnetic Loop




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