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Old Military HF- Antennas of Communication Cars

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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

Old Military HF- Antennas of Communication Cars




Igor Grigorov, RK3ZK




I have a small collection of information about old military HF antennas used over the World. Presently, three old military automobile HF antennas are described at the article. The antennas are written 'as it is,' i.e., I give all information, that I have had. I know, the information is not complete at all, but, nevertheless, the information is interesting and it can help somebody to make own 'car antennas.'


Tuned dipole


Tuned dipole exhibited in Figure 1 was used in army of the USSR. Scheme for the antenna is shown in Figure 1a. Tuned dipole made from a strong tube that has diameter 15 to 30 mm. The tube is installed at height of 1-1,5 m above the roof of an automobile and goes out approximately on 1 meter for overall



dimensions of the automobile, as it is exhibited in Figure 1b. Tuned dipole has high radiation both at low and high (mostly) angles. It allows the antenna to make links by earth and reflected from ionosphere wave.



Figure 1 Tuned dipole



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