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Old Military HF- Antennas of Communication Cars

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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004 Old Military HF- Antennas of Communication Cars


Figure 5 Scheme of feeding of dipole with low characteristic impedance.


circuit 'LF- CR', that is coupled with help of coupling coil 'LC' with a transmitter. With the help of variable

spool LF' and variable capacitor 'CR' this circuit can be retune in the frequencies range of 2-20 MHz. In the same frequency range the antenna works. Maxima of RF current in to the antenna is installed with the help of variable symmetrical capacitor 'CT'.


Such antenna was widely used in communication cars during the World War-II and some time after the

war. The antenna ensures the sure communication with zenith radiation in HF range 2- 4 MHz in radius of 200-300 km from the antenna. Also this antenna ensures long-distance communication in HF ranges 5-20 MHz.


But this antenna had the deficiencies: at the first, it has too complicated matching device, at the second the antenna takes too much place in the roof of the car. For these reasons, since of the end of 50s, the antenna practically is not used in military communication cars.



Russian Field Radio Station, 1941, w.w.-II
Russian Field Radio Station, 1913, w.w.-I

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