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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

Russian EH-Antennas


By, Nikolay Kisel, UA3AIC, phone in Moscow (095-497-52-58


It is not an article, so it is early still to write scientific treatises on this subject. It is while a test, supervision, analysis, searching of answers to many questions. My experience can encourage ones, and others I will disappoint. I think, a EH- antenna can compete to any dipole, IV or GP, EH-antenna can work both at a field, and at restricted urban conditions.


More info one can find in the internet:

http: //

http: //

 Schematic of the antenna is below.


But I have done my own design that you can see on the pictures.


Picture 1 shows two antennas, conical one for 10 meters is made by UA3AO, cylindrical antenna, retuning from 30 up to 10 meters is made by myself. I have used two variometers from old military Russian surplus radio R-140 for my antenna. The variometer gives 0,65 - 6,9-microH or 2,8-29-mocroH, it depends from the

connection. Variable capacitors have max capacity of 55-pF. The cylinders have diameter of 80-mm, height of 200-mm, and made of a bronze sheet of 0,5-mm thickness. Using such antenna details, it was possible to cover a frequency range from 10 up to 30 MHz.


If you have not such variometer, you can try to tune the antenna to separately ranges. For example, for 20 meters: L1=10 coils (3-microH), copper wire of diameter of 1.81-mm (#13 AWG), dia 30 mm, L2=16 coils (6-microH)

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