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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

Russian EH-Antennas


copper wire of diameter of 1.81-mm (#13 AWG), diameter 30 mm, C1=37-pF, C2=26-pF, variable capacitors 6- 33-pF are soldered to bridge to each of them. After tuning I have soldered still one 18-pF capacitor to each of the variable ones.



Picture 2 shows this antenna on the roof of my house, my YAGI is at the background. I did QSOs with all continents using only 100 W. But it is only at a dry weather. Only there were rains, snow, humidity under 100% and my antenna goes to detuning. When the antenna was dried up in a room, it goes to work again. My conclusion: it is an antenna for Sahara!:) It is a joke, but you can keep the antenna in a dry place. After adjustment the antenna in a room, the antenna changes its resonance frequency near 350 kHz upward. Conclusion: this antenna does not love narrow roof, it likes wide place at a roof with access for tuning.


Picture 3 shows my EH-antenna on the roof of my house, retuning GP on 40, 15 and 17 meters is at the background, to one of the GP counterpoises is attached a nylon rope, to the rope the EH- antenna is attached.


Pictures 4, 5 and 6 show design of the antenna. A plastic strip of 5-mm thickness was used as the base of the antenna. The plastic strip is used as finishing stuff at decorating a building, and short pieces of them cost nothing. The pictures are made at the apartment of RV3AKU that is located in the centre of Moscow (there are very heavy radio noise and interferences!).

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