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ANTENTOP- 02- 2004, # 006

Multirange Trap Antennas



Input Impedance at 10 meters W3DZZ Antenna



Antenna W3DZZ has input impedance close to 60 Ohms at 80 and 75 at 40, , so, a 75-Ohms coaxial cable can be used for feeding of the antenna.

Hams make antenna W3DZZ also in a vertical installation, where the antenna has input impedance close to 30- 40 Ohms (in twice less the dipole design), so a 50-Ohms coaxial cable can be used for feeding of the antenna at all of the ranges. For a proper work a vertical trap antenna must have several counterpoises for every of operation ranges, especially for low amateur HF ranges 40-, 80- and 160-m.


LC trap design: Trap spool has 8.3-μH and contains 19 turns of silvered copper wire of diameter in 3-mm. Diameter of winding is 50-mm. Length of winding is 80-mm. The trap should be tuned to resonance to the frequency 7,05 (7.2 for USA) MHz. It is possible use a GDO for the tuning. A capacitor at 3-pF is bridged to trap capacitor when the trap is tuning to the resonance. The capacitor is simulated a stray capacitance of the antenna sections.


Antenna tuning: At first, with the help of a GDO tune trap to 7,05 (7.2 for USA) MHz. Trap is tuned separately from antenna. At second, get a minimum SWR on 40 meters by length A. At third, get a minimum


SWR on 80 meters by length B. At thus, you can get minimum SWR (well, see in the above figures, the SWR is not so low!) also at 20, 15 and 10 meters.


Four band vertical one-trap antenna:


Hams often use a shortened sample of the W3DZZ antenna intended for 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters. At radio amateurs literature there are several description of the antenna, as at dipole as at vertical installation. However, the first description, which I found off for a vertical four band trap antenna, was made by K2GU in reference [5]. Figure 5 shows the schematic of the antenna.





Figure 5 A four-band trap vertical antenna

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