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Mysterious Cases of Absorption of Radio - Waves

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2006, # 008

Mysterious Cases of Absorption of Radio - Waves



Map with pathway of the Vessel



Receiver R- 250, USSR, 1970-S


Receiver Belarus, USSR, 1962



Right at the beginning of the voyage I have repaired their tube VHF transmitter (it begun provided communication on to tens miles instead of hundred meters before). The ship receiver R-250, with the regular ship aerial for long and middle waves, had received nothing on to the waves. The Air was live only higher 3.8 MHz, I heard powerful station from the American Navy Base on Guam. Then, others Japanese and Asian stations were broadcasting.


The radio operators were not surprised by the phenomenon. They told me such effect not too rare here. We hear nothing at the long and middle waves for two or three days. After that, the Air began gradually to be live. This case I briefly described in my article "Forgotten meteorology" (Reference 2).

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