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Mysterious Cases of Absorption of Radio - Waves

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2006, # 008

Mysterious Cases of Absorption of Radio - Waves


The publication had lot of feedback. One of readers, A. K. Pastuhov from Podmoscovie, has presented me used, but accurately bound book of D. N. Nasilov "Radiometeorology." The book was in my references list.

Quote from the book, page 98:


"At flight of June 9, 1936 at 8.00 p.m., above Moscow on a plane through cold air front took place breakage of communication. When the plane go through the cold front, radio operator did not hear Moscow HF station which was on the reverse side of the cold front on distance 15 km from the plane, but they heard very loud HF radio from Smolensk (several hundreds km) that was at the same side (with the plane) of the cold front..."


Lots similar cases were written in the book. For example, was written phenomenon of losses communication on VHF between two planes when the planes were divided by clouds.


N. Nasilov explains this effect by refraction on the layers of fog or clouds. I have accepted this explanation as a working hypothesis. Recently, attentively read all feedback on my article, to Kovalev article (Reference 1) and with publication by I. Grigorov "Antennas in the mountains" (Reference 3) I understood that the explanation is not enough. Not any fog or cloud strongly absorbs radio waves.

We need some more conditions. I believe the main condition is electrization of drops of clouds or fog. To absorb radio waves the fog or cloud should have conductivity. At this case, the cloud not only screening antennas, drops of the cloud absorb energy of the wave. In depend of the sizes of drops the cloud may have frequencies of heavy absorption. The frequencies may be at LW, MW, HF or VHF ranges.

The electrization can be called the by the different reasons: flares on the Sun, tectonism, and so on. However, probably, the main reasons of the electrization are in process of evaporation - condensation (that, in particular, results to electrization of clouds) and in downpours of space particles, which are common at poles and in auroral zones, where, accordingly, we notice more cases of abnormal absorption.




1.      Black holes in the ether: by Sergey A. Kovalev, USONE:- Antentop -1, 2003:


  1. Vladimir Polyakov, "Forgotten meteorology" - Radio, 2004, # 7, pp.: 29, 30. (in Russian)


Also see:


      3. Antennas in the mountains: By Igor Grigorov, RK3ZK :- Antentop -1, 2003:





The cloud does absorption of Radio Waves

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