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Vacuum Tubes

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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

Vacuum Tubes


When the standard GOST-5461-50 was introduced in this country, the system of marking of radio valves was put in order. The principles of classification mostly remained the same. The marking of new types of valves ("finger-shape" etc.) were already envisaged in the above-mentioned standard.


Made in the USSR



The valves produced abroad. Photo shows valves: 6F6 by the "Kentucky Radiotrones", EM34 by the "Philips" (a tuning indicator with two diametricaly set sectors), 5U4G by the "Sylvania Thorn Colour Television Laboratories Ltd.", 6X5 by the "Tung-Sol Electric Inc.", 6K7 by the "Kentucky Radiotrones", RGN1064 by the "Telefunken".

In mid 1950's the construction of the octal valves was modernized. With no more fastening of the holders of electrodes on the so-called "crest-pod" (left) a conciderable decrease of the valves sizes was made possible (right). On the photo: two different versions of the 5691 tube made by the RCA.



The glass analogs of the European metallic valves with outer screening coating. On the photo: 6SQ7 and 6SJ7.

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