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Vacuum Tubes

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ANTENTOP- 03- 2003, # 004

Vacuum Tubes


Glass valves with Loctal base - 9 pins having a lock in a metallic spigot. 1940-50's. Photo shows the Soviet 4P1L valve (in the center). In particular, such valves were used in the "Philips 208U" radio.







Glass valves with the "Rimlock" base. 8 pins, diameter 18 mm. On the tube's glass base there is a direction "nose". Photo shows 6,3 V valves of indirect heating produced by the "Philips" taken from a "Philips 320A" receiver: ECH42, EBC41, EAF42, EL41, AZ41. Valves of such a design were not made in the USSR.

Valves with the Noval base with 9 or 7 (Heptal) pins, known in the USSR as "finger-shape" valves. Diameter 18 and 16 mm. A gap in the pins located by circumference served for direction while setting the tube. They gained a wide spread in the USSR from late 1950's as substitutes for octal valves and became the last series of tubes used in home radio devices.

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