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Modern Military HF- Antennas of Com. Cars

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2004, # 005

Modern Military HF- Antennas of Com. Cars




Igor Grigorov, RK3ZK




I have a small collection of information about old and modern military HF antennas used over the World. Presently, two modern automobile HF antennas are described at the article. The antennas are written "as it is," i.e., I give all information, that I have had. I know, the information is not complete at all, but, nevertheless, the information is interesting and it can help somebody to make own 'car antennas.'


The basic types of military antennas, which for a long time were used on communication cars, were construed during and before the World War II. After WW-II researches for new antennas for communication cars was renewed. Below we shall consider two new type of car antennas which have appeared in army after the World War-II still are in use on modern communication car. There are magnet antennas and DDRR antennas, that began to be used for communication cars (under my information) rather recently - in the middle of 70s years of the 20 century.


corner of the magnet antenna. Driven loop is coupled to the transmitter with the help of a coaxial cable by characteristic impedance of100 Ohm. The sizes of the army magnet antenna for operation in 150 - 80 meters are exhibited in Figure 1b.

 Mag Loop antennas of communication cars for 90 - 60 meters Also magnet antennas are used for operation in HF range of 90-60 meters. Such magnet antenna has smaller sizes as contrasted to magnet antenna intended for operation in 150-90 meters. Magnet antenna for 90-60 meters owing to its small sizes is installed or above the roof of the cabin of communication  car (see Figure 2) or at back edge of the car (see Figure 3).



Mag Loop antennas of communication cars for 150-80 meters


As usual a magnet antenna of the range is installed on a communication car as it is shown in Figure 1. The magnet antenna ensures sure communication in radius of 200 kms at the daylight time and up to 400 kilometers at the night time.


Figure 1 Magnet antenna on a communication car


The magnet antenna at marching condition is installed parallel to the car roof (see. Figure 1a) and does not hinder to ride the car under low bridges or under trees in forests. The magnet antenna stands in operating position with the help of an electric motor or by operator hand. Figure 1b shows the zenith magnet antenna in the operating position.


The magnet antenna (item 2, Figure 1b) is tuned in resonance on the operating frequency with the help of variable capacitor (item 3, Figure 1b), which is weatherproofed by hermetic box (item 4, Figure 1b). The variable capacitor is turned with the help of an electric motor. The magnet antenna is drove by a small loop (item 1, Figure 1b) that is installed in

At this installation of mag loop the roof of the car is free to place other antennas or some more electronic equipment. The sizes of the magnet antenna for operation in 90 - 60 meters are exhibited in Figure 2 and Figure 3.


Figure 2 Magnet antenna above the roof of the car cabin


Figure 3 Magnet antenna on the back edge of the car 

The magnet antennas shown in Figures 1-3 usually are made of an aluminum bent tube in 20- 40 millimeters in OD and 2-3 millimeters thick.  Magnet antennas for 150 -90 meters is not intended for operation when a communication car is moving. But Magnet antennas for 90 - 60 meters can be used when a communication car is moving.

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