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Modern Military HF- Antennas of Com. Cars

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2004, # 005

Modern Military HF- Antennas of Com. Cars


Magnet antenna on a communication car





Antennas DDRR in military communication


Antennas DDRR are used in military communication of many countries. Figure 4 shows the schematic of antenna DDRR. Say simple the antenna represents a tube bent in shape of letter "L".




The length of the "L" is little smaller the quarter wave of the high lower operation range of the antenna, but the length 'L' not less the 0,1l at lower operation range of the antenna. Antenna DDRR is tuned to resonance by the variable capacitor C which is driven by an electric motor M. Antenna DDRR, as usual, is made of thick aluminum tube in 20-40 millimeters OD. Figure 4 Schematic of Antenna DDRR of communication car

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