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Modern Military HF- Antennas of Com. Cars

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2004, # 005

Modern Military HF- Antennas of Com. Cars


Magnet antenna above the roof of the car cabin



 On military vehicles an antenna DDRR usually places on one of edges as it is shown in Figure 5. It allows to install other antennas on the roof of the communication car. Antennas DDRR often serve as enclosure of the roof.


Figure 5 Antenna DDRR on military vehicle


Antennas DDRR also are used on some heavy tanks or BMI (battle machine of infantry). On this military vehicle the antenna DDRR serves as a rail for other hand. Antenna DDRR has mechanically strong design, so it is difficult to damage an antenna DDRR in battle.



Seldom use two antennas DDRR that fed with some phase shift to create special diagram directivity. Figure 6 shows such antenna array.


Figure 6 Array of antennas DDRR



 Antenna DDRR is very strong and allows to do communication when the car is moving. Radio amateurs also can use antenna DDRR for the operation in ether at installation on the roof of their car.

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