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ANTENTOP- 02- 2004, # 006

Field Universal HF Antenna RV3DA


Yuri, RA3DUF, hanged our antenna on the nearest pines. TNX to Yuri, RK3DUF for steeplejack works!

You can see a photo of the antenna (antenna colored by red). The antenna had no feeder and was connected directly to a transceiver FT-847 through a home- made T- ATU that was placed at the table.

We used an automobile accumulator 55-A/h and gas- generator Honda for feeding our equipment.


Grounding was very bad - a pipe in diameter of 1/2 inch and in length of 1 meter. The ground was very damp, ten meters father from the antenna a river was. The antenna was hanged between two high pines.


What we have had:

1. 40 meters - is higher than any praises. Really, we ruled by pile- up from tens calling stations. Simultaneously we received as local as DX- stations.


2. 20 meters- the directivity of the antenna did bad effect for us. The antenna was directed to
the North- South, that it was not good for us. Southern radio stations simply rattled in the Air!


3. 15 meters- Japanese called us very loudly.

4. On 10 meters was dead (no propagation).

5. 80 meters- we received very loudly many radio station from Siberia (2000- 3000 kms from us) but our sign was received poor in Siberia because, as we think, of poor grounding.


Below given diagram directivity for the antenna obtained with help of free antenna program MMANA (MININEC based). Left diagram is a section of the volumetric diagram directivity of plane X-Y at a zenith corner of the maximum radiation. The right diagram is section of the volumetric diagram directivity of plane X- Z. Also at the right down corner of the pictures is a table with antenna impedance. Please, take attention to the data, you can do decision how you ATU does match of the


Igor Grigor'ev, RV3DA







So our first workplace looked. As usual, we had too little time for preparing before our pedition, so, we


have used "table" T-ATU. Two air variable capacitors and a variable inductor placed on the table without any case. Yury, RK3DUF, did DX- QSO.

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