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Einstein Wave or just LDE

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2005, # 007

Einstein Wave or just LDE




Igor Grigorov, VA3ZNW





Talking on an origin and on just existence of LDE go till the recent times. Yes, even just about existence of the LDE. Some scientists persistently do not recognize the existence of LDE and deny obvious authentic facts of reception LDE by many people. I do not know, why these scientists deny the obvious facts, may be because they can not explain this phenomenon. For the scientist if while it is impossible to explain something, if the something is not in frames of the laws existing in the modern science, the something can not exist.


However, lots of people, who do not know that LDE does not exist, have received LDE. After that they ask the scientist to explain the phenomenon, but the scientists tell them: LDE can not be exist...


I want to tell about my first receiving LDE. It was in the spring 1982, when I was studied at Kharkov Institute of Radio and Electronics. When I came in student hostel after my day study, I usually turned on my HF receiver, which was already tuned to BBC station that did broadcasting at 19 meter band. I used an old military receiver R- 311. In one of spring days, when I had



Albert Einstein

(1879- 1955)


switched on the receiver, I heard weak signs of another station on the background of BBC. BBC went to fading after several minutes however unknown weak signs went to strength and while some

times they were louder then BBC. To my surprise the unknown station was also BBC but the signs of the unknown station were delayed on several minutes compared the BBC station. It was LDE!



Military USSR's receiver R- 311

Page 76


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