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Einstein Wave or just LDE

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2005, # 007

Einstein Wave or just LDE


Both BBC and its LDE were fading. Often LDE was considerably loudly than the real BBC. I had received LDE near 5- 10 minutes (I did not see at my watch). LDE was gone so sharply, as if was switched off. Just now I received two signals from BBC and LDE but through a second I received only one BBC. What was an interesting there was no interference whistle between BBC and its LDE.

I asked lecturers of Kharkov Institute of Radio and Electronics about the phenomena however I had met with a wall of silence. I had been told that such phenomenon can not be, because it can not be at all. Later I had known that LDE was a closed theme in the Soviet Union. Certainly, no one lecturer did not take a risk to talk to a student on the closed theme of LDE.



Kharkov Institute of Radio and Electronics


Later I have read that LDE with the large time of a delay (from several minutes and more) usually is discretely, and exist a not long time. For example, LDE with delay more the several minutes exists 5- 10 minutes, then such long delay LDE is disappeared. Again it can be appeared only through some time, for example, 10- 20 minutes. LDE with a small time delay, near 1-3 seconds, can exist long time, may be 20- 30 minutes. After the small time LDE is disappeared it can be appeared again through several minutes.


As we know recently there is not any scientific explanation of the LDE.


I would like to offer mine version of an origin the LDE. The version does not break the laws of modern science. This version is based on the Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Further I try to bound up LDE with the Theory of Relativity.


LDE was forbidden in the USSR

For my explanation of the origin LDE I am based on the Clock Paradox or Twin Paradox. If you do not know what is it Clock Paradox or Twins Paradox, please, use an internet search engine. Any search engine gives you lots link relative to the phrases.


Here I give a very simplified description of these paradoxes. If an object 2 moves with speed close to speed of light compared to an object 1, time at the object 1 goes faster then the time at the object 2. The clock installed on the object 1 shows hours however the clock installed on the object 2 shows minutes. It is so-called Clock Paradox. If one twin is on object 1 and another twin is on object 2, at their meeting it appears, that the second twin (from object 2) is younger than the twin who is on object 1. It is so-called Twins Paradox. Fig. 1 illustrates the situation.

A question 1, what is light. Till now scientists argue, is light waves or corpuscles. Experiments are confirmed that light has dual nature. In one experiment the light looks like waves. In another experiment light has corpuscles nature. However, if light, that is electromagnetic radiation, can have dual nature, why radio wave, that also is electromagnetic radiation, can not have such dual nature? Of course it can be!


After question 1, question 2. What will be, if compare an observer, who is on the Earth, corpuscles move with speed close to speed of light. May be for us it sounds strange however clock at the man, observing flight of these corpuscles, counts minutes, while the clock located at these corpuscles counts only seconds. The Paradox of Clock works in this case.

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