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Einstein Wave or just LDE

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2005, # 007

Einstein Wave or just LDE



Now we look to the next matter. A radio transmitter works at point A on the Earth. The radio wave from the transmitter comes in point B with a small delay T. Delay T is equal to distance L, which this wave has came, divided on speed of the radio wave (300.000/km/sec), see Fig. 2. Imagine if the radio wave, at presence of some conditions, is propagated also as corpuscles.

Or, radio wave turns in corpuscles, is distributed by corpuscles, which have speed close to speed of light, then the corpuscles again turns in usual radio wave. Let's name this corpuscle wave 'Einstein wave'. Let's see to Clock Paradox. Minutes have passed for the observer, who is at point B, but only seconds have passed for Einstein wave.


In other words, observer, who is at point B, at first has received an usual radio wave and at second, while some time, has received Einstein wave, that contain the same information that the usual radio wave, that is already received. The delay time can be in millions times more the normal time of propagation of the radio wave.


So, at certain conditions, the observer can receive both a usual radio wave together with its LDE. However, what are the conditions, when radio wave turns to Einstein wave and back to radio wave? It is not known.


Certainly, it only my version LDE, and it is only a version, which does not apply to be true. It is necessary to say, that the Einstein wave sets lots questions. May be more then LDE...

73! I. G.



Albert Einstein

Page 78


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