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ANTENTOP- 01- 2006, # 008

Radio Signals out of Our Times



By: Igor Grigorov, VA3ZNW


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In our material world sometimes there are events, which are not correspond to ours knowledge about the world. For example, there are evidences that things and live beings could be come down through the times. That is interesting, the objects can came down through the times in one place and time and come back at another place and time.


Some newspapers and magazines are described such phenomena. For example, I have read, that it is possible to find modern subjects painted at some old time paintings. For example, cellular telephone was painted in a painting of 19- century. Modern coins were painted in a necklace in a painting of 17 century. Sometimes it is possible to find information about people who come down through time or place.


I would like give an example of such phenomena described in Russian newspaper "Trud". At the end of 80 years, I guess in 1988, there was a brief article about two strange coins, the coins were 1- kopejka coin, or 1/100 of 1 rubl, that were found at strange circumstances. One coin had date "1991" and had USSR head another coin had very strange view (not described what

Russian Bank confirmed the authenticity of both coins. At the article was written that in a next newspaper more info was coming. Alas, no info about the coins was in the "Trud."


The time has passed, soviet perestroika came. In 1993, I found an article in another newspaper (I do not remember the title) about the coins. The newspaper wrote, that another coin had date 2000 with old Russian Emblem. It the 1993 the huge inflation was in Russia, bills of denomination in 10,000s and 100,000 rubles were in circulation. On basis of this coin, the newspaper has made a conclusion that Russia has fight the inflation in the next century... Yes, a new 1- kopejka coin contained old Russian Emblem appeared in 2000 year.



Head of the newspaper Trud



1 kopejka - coin from 1991


1 kopejka - coin from 1991


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