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ANTENTOP- 01- 2006, # 008

Radio Signals out of Our Times


Some information: It was the reform of amateurs callsgns in the USSR in second half of 80-s. Prefix UK that belonged to club station was replaced to UZ. Next reform in 1992 changed Ukrainian prefix UB to UR, UZ, UX.


So, it was the first half of 90-s, near 2 o'clock p.m., 40- meters band. A strange silence was in the band and only one club station UK5xxx (CALL THAT DOES NOT EXIST FROM 1986) called CQ on SSB in the band. At first I have thought what it is a pirate, but do not care, anyway only the station in the band, so I made QSO with it. After that I had listen the station. I hear another club station UK3xxx that has called this UK5xxx. Usual QSO, they talk about ham radio. A bit later UB5xxx (the call does not exist from 1993) has joined to UK5xxx and UK3xxx... So, three ham stations with invalid callsigns were in the Air. It looks like a pirate round table.

I decided to call the stations again and anyway ask them about their strange callsigns. However after my transmission the Air was empty. I did not hear the stations which had "59+" strength just a minute ago. I check the band from down to up one more times- nobody is at the band. However, the 40 meters begun to rustle and while some time I could hear usual for the 40 meters amateur stations with valid callsigns.


May be the strange signs from the past can explain us the phenomenon LDE.


I very remember a story that a military radio operator told me (see reference 1). Of course, he had remembered the case very often because it saved his live. He told me that not only he received LDE, lots military radio operators has received LDE. However almost nobody gave a report about it. It was unsafe for radio operators, because the operators who heard the LDE usually had disappeared in KGB's room after their reports.


Note I. G.: I repeat the story here. The radio operator missed an important radio message from headquarter, because his radio equipment had unexpected problems. After he had repaired his radio station the reception period of the message was already over. It was wartime and a severe punishment were ordered for missing a radio message especially if it happened by fault of radio operator. What was a great surprise for him when 15 minutes after he had repaired his station he again heard the headquarter message. He successfully copied the message. A bit later he met the headquarter radio operator and asked him why the message was transmitted twice. No way, I transmitted it only one time, told him the radio operator.

This radio operator told me a strange story about his friend, also a former ww-2 military operator. He had obtained a ham licence after the ww-2, and in one day he heard in the Air military callsigns of his ww-2 friends. He not only heard the callsigns, he managed do QSO with the stations, with the stations from ww-2. After that he gave up amateur radio and gave his equipment to hams.


Some phenomenon at radio wave propagation the signs from past can explain. For example, it is one- way propagation. You can hear strong station at the band (sometimes DX, sometimes local) but can not do QSO with the stations. However, may be the stations are not from our present time, may be the stations are in the past or in the future.


There is still material thing that can confirm a radio communication with stations working from the past or from the future. Radio amateur can do QSO with such station (from past or future) ever without suspecting that the station works not from his/her time. He/she send a QSL- card and then has received back the QSL card with note: the station is closed a long time ago (QSO with the past), no such station yet (QSO with the future). Sometimes during a QSO somebody told you that we already have had QSO, moreover, he has found the QSO in his log.


Very interesting facts about reception of TV telecasts from other time could be found at the radio amateurs, which take interest in reception of far TV. In 50- 60-s in the USSR lots amateurs took interest in far TV. In those times the amateurs sometimes had received strange telecasts. One my friend told me about the telecasts. At the telecasts some usual things may have strange look, people were dressed completely on other than in those times, clock at studio shows not correct time (of course due time zone the hour hand not correspond to time at the receiving side, but minute hand also does not correspond!). He, as well as others amateurs, took picture from TV screen and exchanged by the pictures with his friends. His friends also had received such strange TV.


Unfortunately, these strange photos now are in KGB. Approximately in middle of 70-s of the 20 century in USSR the reception of far TV was forbidden. Soviet people could not have seen TV from capitalistic countries. Soviet radio amateur magazine Radio had ceased to publish the circuit of TVs and antennas for far TV. Books and stuff about far TV were withdrawn from soviet libraries. Articles in newspapers and magazines about disgusting capitalistic TV became a usual matter.

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