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A Multi Band Tube 10 w QSK Transceiver

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2010, # 012

A Multi Band Tube 10 w QSK Transceiver



Igor Grigorov, UZ3ZK


Credit Line: Sprat, # 74. 1993., Spring., . 8-9.


In the SPRAT # 67 (SPRAT is the journal of the G- QRP- Club) was published a circuit of a tube DC receiver. I made this G0ILL receiver and enjoyed of it perfect reception. Later I modified the receiver to transceiver. It was tried several versions of the transceiver. The final one was made on a PCB- board 200 x 240- mm with plug- in inductors in old tube sockets. So, the transceiver was tested on all amateurs HF- Bands. The frequency stability was not good enough at 24 and 28- MHz but was good on the lower bands. Figure 1 shows the schematic of the tube DC transceiver.


Circuit Details:


RX RF Amplifier made on V1. V4 is mixer. Audio Amplifier made on V7. Audio amplification is adjusted by R16. RF amplification is adjusted by R5.


VFO and Doubler made on V2. Circuit L3C3C2 is tuned on frequency twice below the used.


Circuit L6C7 is tuned on main frequency. V5 is driver, V6 is PA. Transceiver works at QSK mode, i.e. to turn the transceiver for TX just press key. Cathodes of the driver and PA are grounded, RL1 grounded RX antenna.



Table 1 International Alternatives for Russian tubes (thanks to G3FCK)

Page 75


75 76 77 78



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