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A Multi Band Tube 10 w QSK Transceiver

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2010, # 012

A Multi Band Tube 10 w QSK Transceiver




At the transceiver I used Russian tubes. Table 1 shows their international alternatives (thanks to G3FCK)


Table 2 shows data for inductors. Values of capacitors C31 and C32 are real for specific impedance of your antenna. If you would like use several antennas with different impedances you need use plug- in inductor (L8C26C31C32) for each antenna (or use variable C31 and C32).




Transceiver was made on a chassis with dimensions 200 x 240 x 40- mm made from two- sided copper plate PCB. Pattern of the parts at the chassis the same as the pattern at the Figure 1. Plug- in inductors was made on the base from old octal tubes. Figure 4 shows the design. It is possible to add some modifications to the transceiver- milliampermeter for metering plate current at the V6 and install variable capacitors instead fixed C31 and C32. Dimensions of the transceiver would be increased but operation in the Air improved.


Beware: Turn off high voltage when change the plug- in inductors!



Figure 2 Russian Resistor MLT- 2





Figure 3 Russian Resistor WS- 2



Figure 4 Design of the Plug- In Inductors

Page 78


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