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Simple Short Wave Receiver

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2010, # 012

Simple Short Wave Receiver




V. Egorov, UA3AB


Credit Line: Radio # 3, 1950, p.p.: 37- 40


Note from va3znw: It was the first tube regenerative receiver that I have made by myself. At the far times I was a thirteen years old boy that fall into radio and certainly into amateur radio. I already made a transistor then tube HF converter for my old tube receiver "Muromets." So, I could hear amateur stations.


However, one friend of mine, old ham (he was at the times in his forties) told me about my converters:- "Good job! But.. what I would like to say... all the stuff (converter and receiver) you may change for one tube receiver. It would get the same reception."


Another day he gave me an old soviet magazine Radio with the schematic. When the receiver was made and tuned, I discovered that the one- tube receiver really worked almost similar to converter with "Muromets." Later I made several tens such receivers for 16- 13- meters but for receiving "Voice of America" and "Radio Liberty." The stations were jammed in the USSR, but there were not jammed at the 16- 13 meters because the bands were not at the receivers produced in the USSR. I ever recorded some music from the stations. At the 70s the stations sounded at 6- 13- meters band similar to FM stations.



Front Cover

Radio # 3, 1950

After that first regenerative receiver I made lots different regenerative receivers, both transistor and tube. I made lots superheterodyne and DC receivers. But I still remember that old Radio with shabby cover with rosin on the pages, with some strange pencil- notes on the pages border, and that one tube receiver that by some miracle worked like a big superheterodyne... and that exiting feeling while tuning the capacitor knob...



6N8S (6H8C in Russian)



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