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Simple Short Wave Receiver

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2010, # 012

Simple Short Wave Receiver




It is a regenerative receiver assembled on a double triode tube. One triode is a regenerative stage another is an audio stage. Figure 1 shows schematic of the receiver.

For pictorial view some parts are shown in drawn view.


L1C2 is input circuit. Antenna is connected through a small capacitor C1. High- Ohmic headphones is directly connected to plate circuit of the triode.




Figure 1 Simple Regenerative Receiver


Parts and Design


Inductors of the receiver are wound on the tube base of old tube UO- 186 or V0- 188.


Note of va3znw: At the time (70s) my friend gave me some old defective tubes UO- 186. I used the tube base for inductors for my receiver. Today, in Russia, good UO- 186 tube made in 40- 50s may cost (for audio- fans) almost 100 USD.


Inductor for the 40- meter has 19 coils. It is wound turn to turn by wire in diameter of 0.8- mm (20- AWG), tap made from 7s coil from the cold end. Ends and tap of the inductor are soldered to the pins in the tube base. .


Inductor for the 20- meter has 9 coils. It is wound by wire in diameter of 1.0- mm (18- AWG), tap made from 3d coil from the cold end. Between wires is wound a thick tread to provide gap in 0.3- 0.4- mm. Ends and tap of the inductor are soldered to the pins in the tube base.


The Plug- In inductor for needed band is plugged to socket installed on the receiver chassis.

Figure 2 shows the regenerative receiver and plug- in inductor. Figure 3 shows the plug- in inductor at the receiver chassis.



UO- 186

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