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Simple Short Wave Receiver

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2010, # 012

Simple Short Wave Receiver


Figure 2 Regenerative Receiver and Plug- In Inductor



Figure 3 Plug- In Inductor at the Receiver Chassis.


Capacitor C1 is very important part for good job of the regenerative receiver. Best choice is to use a variable capacitor up to 5- 10-pF. However at this receiver a home- made capacitor is used. It is done in very simple way.

Insulated wire in 0.3- 0.5- mm (24- 29-AWG) (one capacitor plate) is coiled (possible with one turn of thin paper) above wire in 1.5- mm (15-AWG) (another capacitor plate) on the length 8- 10-mm. Capacity of the capacitor could be changed by winding/unwinding thin wire.


Resistor R2 may have resistance from 2-kOhm to 15- kOhm. Important thing- it should be quality made.


Resistor R1 may have resistance from 1- mega-Ohm to 2- mega-Ohm. Resistor R3 may have resistance from 1- kOhm to 1.5- kOhm. Resistor R4 may have resistance from 100- kOhm to 500- kOhm. Capacitor C3 may have capacitance from 200- 1000- pF.

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