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Simple Short Wave Receiver

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ANTENTOP- 01- 2010, # 012

Simple Short Wave Receiver



Figure 4 Montage of the regenerative receiver


Capacitor C4 may have capacitance from 50- 100- pF. Capacitors C5 and C7 may have capacitance from 0/05- 0.2- microF. Capacitor C6 may have capacitance from 500- 1000- pF. Almost any double triode should be used in the receiver. Figure 4 shows montage of the receiver. It made by insulated wire in 1.5- mm (15- AWG) diameter.


Power Supply


The receiver needs for plate any high voltage in range 100- 200-V DC. Receiver consumes 5- 10- mA at plate circuit. For tube heater the receiver needs 6.3- V AC. Figure 5 shows power supply for the receiver. However it is possible to use any power supply that can be provide above mentioned parameters.




The first it needs to check generation at the all working bands. For the checking receiver turn on without antenna and with help of R2 the receiver is turned on to generation mode. At the generation mode you may hear whilst in the head- phones. If you will turn slowly the dial of the C2 you may hear (in generation mode, without antenna) strong (in the area) signals of CW stations. Then turn on antenna to the receiver (that is stayed in generation mode). The antenna should not break the generation. If the generation is broken it needs to decrease capacity of the C1. If it is not help or help a little- try to change tap from the L1.


After optimum C1 and optimum tap is found it is possible to calibrate the receiver. For this you may use or special RF- Generator or another receiver (to receive generation of the regenerative receiver).



Figure 5 Power Supply for the Regenerative Receiver

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