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Shunt Vertical Universal HF Antenna

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ANTENTOP- 02- 2004, # 006

Shunt Vertical Universal HF Antenna





Field universal antenna RV3DA (see pp.:24- 35 of ANTENTOP- 02- 2004) works well even at a bad grounding. To hammer into the ground a metal rod in 1 meter length is enough for the grounding. Installation of the antenna takes a little time, it is another its advantage.However, if there is an opportunity to provide a good ground, and there is some free time to spend of for installation of an antenna, it is possible to use a Shunt Vertical Universal HF Antenna .


Igor Grigorov, Rk3ZK





Universal HF Antenna has a gain less then universal antenna RV3DA. It is possible to do a design of the

Figure 1 shows the schematic of the Shunt Vertical Universal HF Antenna. A detailed description of the theory of a Shunt Vertical Universal is given at reference [1].


Apparently, the circuit of the antenna only a bit differs from field universal antenna RV3DA. The differences are: the loop is isolated from the ground, its terminals are shortened, shunts go down from two tops of the triangle loop to the ground. To ground shunts is possible as to universal antenna RV3DA it is done, i.e., a metal rod in 1 meter length is enough for the grounding. Of course, several counterpoises (three and more) in length 0f 5 meters (and more) help to improve the antenna operation. Counterpoises can lay on a surface of the ground.


Shunt Vertical Universal HF Antenna radiates mainly vertical radiation. It is required to use the antenna at woodless surrounding or big losses of high-frequency energy will be. Please, take attention Shunt Vertical

Shunt Vertical Universal HF Antenna so, that this one can be easy turned to the field universal antenna RV3DA.


Below given diagram directivity for the antenna obtained with help of free antenna program MMANA (MININEC based). Left diagram is a section of the volumetric diagram directivity of plane X-Y at a zenith corner of the maximum radiation. The right diagram is section of the volumetric diagram directivity of plane X- Z. Also at the right down corner of the pictures is a table with antenna impedance. Please, take attention to the data, you can do decision how you ATU does match of the




1. Aizenberg G. Z. Antennas of Short Waves.: Moscow, "Radio i Svyaz", 1985.


73!, de RK3ZK




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